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Mozilla Firefox 48 Beta 3

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world, with millions of users. The browser differs in features and design from other browsers, such as: Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome. Here are some of the new features available in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

What Features Are Included on Mozilla Firefox?

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox allows for much safer and faster browsing. The new version is fast to load, even pages which feature a lot of text, graphics or videos. The browser also features a secure connection to improve privacy when searching on Google, and there is an identity indicator in the main URL bar, ideal for checking online banking or shopping.

Security has also been adapted to protect users from external threats, and there are several new bug fixes in the new version of the browser, which is an improvement from previous versions.

How Can I Customize Mozilla Firefox?

Users of the browser can use tabs in a way that is similar to Google Chrome, and instead of seeing a white page when a new tab is opened, there are now icons which offer access to the user’s most frequently visited websites and bookmarked pages. Users can customize these icons in the settings, or delete them completely.

The latest version of the browser also features integration with the social networking website, Facebook, allowing users to opt into desktop notifications, as well as easy access to message and inbox features. Online conversations can overlap on top of the website the user is browsing, allowing for enhanced multitasking.

Is Firefox Easy to Use?

Firefox is a customizable browser, allowing users to fine-tune or “tweak” their favorite features and preferences. The browser is easy to download and install, is extremely easy to navigate, and has a sleek contemporary design with enhanced security features, protecting users from external threats.

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